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From Coast to Vines to Giants in Ancient Lands - Come walk in the footsteps of our Ancestors

"I welcome you to the lands of the Adjahdura Narungga and Ngadjuri people in South Australia - the lands of my ancestors - the lands I am physically and spiritually connected to"....Quenten Agius.

OUTBUSH: Ngadjuri Country : Clare Valley, Burra, Mid North and Southern Flinders Ranges region.

COASTAL: Adjahdura Narungga Land : Yorke Peninsula and Point Pearce Aboriginal community and lands. Yorke Peninsula - the foot that’s holding up Australia.

Point Pearce Aboriginal Community
In 1867 the Aboriginal mission of Point Pearce was established by missionaries. Land was allocated to grow crops and farm sheep. This land grew in acreage as a small township developed.
Bad things are spoken about Aboriginal missions - but Adjahdura Narungga elders Irene Agius and Elaine Newchurch talk about how important Point Pearce was in the survival of their people - they say, "It was a place where you could run away from the bullet - a sanctuary for Aboriginal people".
Today the Aboriginal lands and township of Point Pearce have survived - but Adjahdura Narungga cultural landscapes on other parts of their country have been desecrated by farming and land developments - desecration that continues today. To gain an incredible Aboriginal insight into this country, it's history and culture, Quenten Agius (knowledgeable traditional owner) offers Aboriginal Cultural Tours of Adjahdura Land.

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