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From Coast to Vines to Giants in Ancient Lands - Come walk in the footsteps of our Ancestors

Tour Operator

Quenten Agius

SA Tourism Hall of Fame
(2012 and 2015)

Mobile: 0429 367121  
Email: tours@adjahdura.com.au

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Aboriginal Cultural Tours - South Australia
* Twice Winner South Australian Tourism "Hall of Fame" (2012 & 2015).
* 18 State and Regional Tourism Awards.

* 3 National Accreditations : Tourism Australia, Eco Tourism Australia and ROC Respecting our Culture.
* Tourism Australia, Aboriginal Tourism Champion.
* National Parks SA Accredited.
* 100% Aboriginal Owned.

Gain a unique insight into the world's oldest living culture. Walk together in the footsteps of our ancestors. See and touch the past. Share Dreaming stories that bring the landscape to life. Connect with nature and the environment.               

Twice Winner South Australian Tourism "Hall of Fame" and Winner of 18 tourism awards (Aboriginal, Heritage and Cultural Tourism), Quenten Agius, owner operator of "Aboriginal Cultural Tours – South Australia", is proud to have built up a Nationally Accredited multi-award winning tourism business. 
"Aboriginal Cultural Tours" offers authentic Aboriginal experiences led by knowledgeable Aboriginal guides, who care about their country, live on country and know their country. We visit ancient archaeological sites, spectacular coastal areas, ancient lands where giants onced roamed, the Clare Valley, Burra, Mid North, Southern Flinders Ranges and Yorke Peninsula regions, and our Aboriginal community. 

Aboriginal heritage and culture is the heart, soul and spirit of this land. When we walk together with our guests, in the footsteps of our ancestors, they can literally see and touch the past. Looking at the landscape through Aboriginal eyes gives our guests a completely different perspective of the land and we share significant Dreaming stories of our country. Our aim is to take people on journey, not only physically but also spiritually, to a place where they have never been to before. We hope the landscape comes alive in their mind and they can understand and feel the story. With each tour, our guests gain a wealth of knowledge about Aboriginal heritage, culture, traditions and beliefs.