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Adjahdura Narungga Herritage Group
Adjahdura Narungga Traditional Owners
On this country there are:
* Traditional Owners with cultural knowledge
* Traditional Owners with very little cultural knowledge
* Non-Traditional Owners (broader Aboriginal community).
Traditional Owners Heritage Group Formed
The Adjahdura Narungga Traditional Owners with cultural knowledge have formed the Adjahdura Narungga Heritage Group. The group was formed to ensure that the Traditional Owners with cultural knowledge have a voice and active role in protecting our ancient heritage and culture.
We pay tribute to our mothers Elaine Newchurch and Irene Agius who have passed away and fought hard before us and have taught us what we know.
Throught the Adjahdura Narungga Heritage group, we have been very active in standing up for the rights of the Traditional Owners of Adjahdura Narungga Land. And should be consulted on all issues dealing with Adjahdura Narungga (Yorke Peninsula, South Australia) culture and heritage.

For more information contact Quenten Agius: 0429367121
or email: traditionalowners@adjahdura.com.au