It can be very difficult to detect illness in pets especially when you get a new pet as you will not be used to their warning signs. There are many signs that you can learn to look for when your pet is not feeling well. The earlier you bring the pet to the clinic, the higher chance of quick recovery.

You can ask your Armadale vet about what you can watch out for in terms of general discomfort and distress. You should carefully watch out for behavioural changes, changes in their bathroom habits, diet, etc. It is a good habit to check the coat or skin of the pet to identify abnormal bumps or injuries. If the bathroom habits of your pet have changed significantly or you notice anything different in their stools, it is best to have them checked out at your local vet clinic. The defining characteristics to watch out for are the changes in the colour of the stool, odour, and the frequency of passing stools. This can indicate a food allergy, intestinal infection or they may be ingesting inappropriate food that is incompatible with their digestive system. Some serious signs to watch out for are blood in the stool and diarrhoea.

Sometimes your pet will vomit several times within the span of twelve hours. While this may be an indication of an upset stomach that is not very serious, it could also be a sign of something critical. If vomiting occurs while your pet is exhibiting a reduced appetite and lethargy, it is a serious concern that needs to be inspected by a professional. The more they vomit or suffer from diarrhea, the more risk they are of dehydration. So you need to give sufficient fluids and medication to counteract it. If you notice your pet is drinking a higher quantity of water, they could be suffering from kidney disease or diabetes. So this is something you need to consult with your vet at the earliest opportunity. Once these conditions are diagnosed, they can be managed or treated.

Dietary changes are another warning sign. If they are suffering from a loss of appetite, it could be a sign of infection. They can also refuse food when their mouth is injured. So it is best to monitor your pet’s eating habits so that you can easily spot what is normal and what is not. It is essential that you read up about the nutrition that pets need and what food items should be avoided when you first get a pet.

There are certain things that can be very harmful to pets even in small doses. We tend to give a little bit of our food to pets when they as for it but you need to make sure that you are not giving anything that can be potentially harmful or can create long term medical issues. There are also some common diseases that each species are susceptible to so you can familiarize yourself with the symptoms so that you can spot whenever there is a warning sign.