You need to look at the entertainment you will be providing for an event from the planning stage so that you choose an appropriate band that fits the overall theme. It will elevate the experience of the guests and be able to create just the right kind of ambience you are looking for.

There are many live performing bands and DJs available for events and you need to weigh the pros and cons of each option before you proceed with one for the event. Live corporate entertainment bands can motivate the crowd and create high energy on the dance floor. They can interact with the crowd easily and alter the tempo or rhythm of a song on the fly to get the guests excited. It is very interesting to watch a live band perform. Especially for guests who don’t dance, they will be more entertained by a live band as there is much to see; from professionals playing instruments to those singing the songs. A band can also sound better depending on their quality and they can give quality entertainment for corporate events and more formal events. But live bands can also be quite expensive especially when the number of band members increases. And if you are on a small budget, this may not be the best option. And when compared to a DJ who has thousands of songs at their disposal, a live band is more limited in their range. It is impossible for them to know and practice each and every song.

If your event only has a small space, a live band will not be a good option. They require a lot of space and you need to freeze the floor planning in advance so that the band can set up. You can ask the venue whether they can provide a stage for the live band. You can add and remove any songs you like with a DJ and have a truly customised playlist. And this is something you can do on a tight budget. A DJ will be able to take in requests at the event from guests as they have access to a large number of songs. In the case of your DJ getting sick, it will not put a damper on your event as you can easily find a replacement to take their place. They will perform without breaks in the entertainment and the music will go on throughout the event. They can programme a few songs to play even in their absence when they take a break.

However, there is less improvisation in a DJ when compared to a live band. And there could be a difficulty when controlling the volume of songs on a larger venue. In case of equipment failure or a power outage, a live band can still play on as they can sing. A DJ will have difficulties in this instance. Also there is only one person when you choose a DJ as opposed to more people in a live band and therefore more variety and dynamics. When you are planning a large wedding, you can hire both a DJ and a live band to get the best of both worlds. The entertainment type you select will need to depend on the type of function and the budget. For a wedding, a band will provide better performance when it comes to special dances. But when it comes to dancing throughout the night, a DJ will be able to hold the fort better.