A jack is a very important tool in vehicle recovery and you may have seen that there are two popularoptionswhen it comes to jacks. These are the air jack or exhaust jack and the high lift jack. There are pros and cons to using both of them and you need to know the differences between them in order to decide which is more suitable for your needs.

An air jack or exhaust jack

Uses the exhaust gases of the vehicle to inflate and this will cause the vehicle to rise off the ground. Any vehicle with an exhaust pipe is generally compatible with this and if you are used to travelling on rough terrain, this is a good recovery equipment to use. It has an inflatable design and the materials it is made of are puncture resistant. So you can use the air jack in a variety of situations. There is also a large lifting capacity to the air jack so that it can lift different cars with varying sizes and weights. You can also lift a heavy duty truck with an air jack. When you deflate the air jack, it takes up less space and provides you with portable space saving recovery equipment that you can easily carry on an off-road trip. These are very easy to use and you can quickly recover the vehicle. And you can use an air jack on so many different terrains such as mud, snow and sand. These are able to support the vehicle even in terrains that a traditional 4×4 jack can sink in.

You will not need to

Provide any external power to the air hack and as the air jack lifts the vehicle from the frame it will not damage the vehicle. But there are some limitations to using it as well. The inflatable bladder of the air jack can wear out over time and it can be susceptible to punctures. So these may have a shorter lifespan compared to the traditional jack. And sometimes it can be difficult to connect the air jack to the exhaust of the vehicle. The high lift jack has a ratchet mechanism that allows it to lift the vehicle. And you will be able to control its movement. It is made of steel components that contribute to its high strength and durability. You will also have multiple height positions with the high lift jack so you can use it in a variety of situations.

In addition to lifting, you can also use the high lift jack for pushing, clamping and wincing.

These last for a long time as they are made of durable materials and they can handle large loads as well. Just like the air jack, there is no external power source to the high lift jack so you can use it in an area where you don’t have power options. But because of their steel construction, they can be heavier and bulkier compared to air jacks. You should also be very careful when using a high lift jack as you need to carry out the right technique to prevent damaging the vehicle. When choosing between these options, you need to consider what kind of terrain you frequently drive in. Air jacks are more suited to soft terrain such as mud or sand. But high lift jacks can offer high versatility as well. There are larger lifting capacities for air jacks so they can handle heavier vehicles. An air jack takes less storage space compared to a high lift jack and you will also need to have more skill to use a high lift jack. However, when it comes to pricing, high lift jacks tend to be more affordable.