Additional living space may be required when families grow and lifestyles change. One solution you can consider for this is having a second storey extension. This will allow you to expand the footprint of the home without taking away from your outdoor space.

You have to consider the current space utilisation.

Maybe there are rooms that are not used properly or are cramped. An extension will be able to address these limitations. You have to assess the common areas of the house such as the living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms along with bedrooms as these are the core spaces that affect functionality. When you have a growing family, you need to prioritise on bedrooms. You can zone the house into public and private with the private spaces or bedrooms being shifted to the second storey. This will provide more space for children as they grow and you will also be able to accommodate guests easily. You can check whether you need larger bedrooms going by what you already have or whether additional bedrooms are needed. Living spaces and areas to entertain are important spaces in a home and if you feel that your home is cramped during family gatherings, you can prioritise extending these areas. You can opt for open spaces and larger seating areas. You can also designate entertainment zones and ensure proper flow of the layout.

When it comes to home extensions, there are certain spaces you can prioritise such as the kitchen and dining areas. The kitchen can be expanded and integrated with the dining spaces so that a more functional space can be created. You can add a breakfast nook to your kitchen and ensure that the kitchen is equipped with modern amenities. You can also consider adding a luxurious master suit with an ensuite bathroom. Make sure there is sufficient closet space so that your personal comfort is accommodated. This will also improve the resale value of your property. Some other features you can consider adding to this will be a comfortable seating area or a balcony. Many people are working remotely these days and you can allocate a space for a home office. There can also be a dedicated study space. These can be quite areas that are illuminated properly and increase productivity.

Consider the requirements for bathrooms.

You can check whether the current number of bathrooms is sufficient or whether you need any additional bathrooms. The placement of the bathrooms and the existing space should be considered. You can add ensuites options for bedrooms to ensure the requirements of a growing household are accommodated. And if you are planning for this to be retirement home, it is best to consider accessibility. Make sure you have a large bathroom on the ground floor that can accommodate a wheelchair. You can also make the pathways and corridors wider. Multifunctional spaces should be prioritised in order to optimise space. For example, instead of having a dedicated guest bedroom that will be rarely used, you can combine it with a home office or a flexible space. This will add more versatility to your home.