It can be so easy to find new meals to make and new spins on old recipes in this digital age. There are so many recipes you can find online along with videos and step-by-step instructions on how you can make it. But how do you gauge whether a recipe you come across will be reliable and give you a successful result? There can be many recipes that can be disappointing. And knowing how to choose the right recipe will save you a lot of time and effort.

You have to consider the credibility of the source when considering the reliability of the recipe

Find reputed websites like Old El Paso, culinary publications that have been established a long time and reputed food blogs. There are also reputed content creators on social media and YouTubers that can provide you with reliable recipes. Another thing that can give you an idea about the credibility of the source is the comments left by others who have tried the recipe. You can read the comments to see whether the majority of the commenters have been successful at the recipe. This will indicate the effectiveness of the recipe. When it comes to written recipes, consider the level of detail given. The instructions should be clear and concise. The details given can make a big impact on your cooking experience. Many recipes tend to have measurements in either weight or volume but it is best if you can find a recipe that provides both measurements. This will help you achieve accurate results.

Go through the recipe to see whether all ingredients are listed

Check whether they mention if there are any recommended substitutions. You may not be able to find all the ingredients and substitutions can come in useful at this time. For example, light cream can be substituted for evaporated milk and adding a bit of lemon juice to milk in place of buttermilk. Some ingredients will not be found in your country; for example, you may not be able to find palm sugar for pad Thai sauce in your country but you can use brown sugar as a substitute. Also, you should check whether the recipe includes the right temperatures and cooking times. Check whether they show the proper technique for making the dish as well as recommended utensils.

Many online recipes tend to have feedback and user ratings which will be a great way for you to decide whether to try the recipe or not. And there will be certain comments that will help adjust the recipe to get a more favourable result. Check whether the recipe specifies variations or ways you can adapt it so that you can cater to different dietary needs. If you have certain dietary restrictions, you can still make the recipe following the adaptations. If you are making well known dish, a great way to set yourself up for success is cross-referencing the recipe using multiple sources. Check the recipes for the same in other cookbooks and websites to see whether there are variations when it comes to the ingredients used and the proportions of the ingredients.