Having sheep in a farm offers a wide range of benefits. Therefore, if you own a farm, you need to take care of sheep the right way. A sheep can be a successful business. However, like any other animals out there, it needs to be taken care of. To raise a sheep, you need to have capital, feed, labour, land, and management. You need to have the right equipment, too. If it is your first time to care for a sheep, keep the following tips in mind.

Give Shelter

Like other animals, sheep need shelter that they can keep them safe from weather elements and other things. A barn works great but if you can’t have one, a simple three-sided structure will fit the bill. However, having a barn comes in handy especially if there is a sheep that is pregnant or sick and needs to be isolated.

Provide Bedding

Provide thick straw bedding for your sheep. It is helpful especially during the winter season.  Pine shavings are a good idea if you do not have hay.


Shear your sheep every year. It can take place once, twice, or more each year. Most likely, it is done during the summer season as they do not need it during this time. If they are not clipped, it can be very heavy for the sheep to carry.

Not only that, the moisture can be trapped in the skin which can cause bacteria and germs. Generally, the shearer oils the clipper so they are easier to use. If you don’t know how to carry out this task, you can hire an experienced shearer. You can also shop for sheep shears online. There are many stores where you can find them for an affordable price.

Let the Air Flow

Let the air flow in the barn. Have a few fans that can keep your sheep cool specifically duringsummer months. There should be proper air flow all throughout the year. The fans can keep the flies out as well.


Hay or pasture make up most of their daily diet. If your pasture is blooming year-round, there is no need to provide additional food for your sheep. The amount of hay or pasture you have to give depends on the health condition of the sheep. If it is pregnant, it needs to be fed more. You can give alfalfa, too, but it is more expensive. Avoid grain as much as possible as it has the tendency to contain a high amount of copper. When storing hay, it has to be dried up before being stored.

Always Make Fresh, Clean Water Available

Always make fresh, clean water available as your sheep will drink a few gallons of water every day. If you do not want to bring a lot of water buckets every day, take advantage of an automatic waterer.

Take Care of their Hooves

Take care of their hooves. Cut excess horn but do it with caution. Do not cut deep into thetissue as it can cause bleeding.

Make sure to do preventive health care, too.