Cultures and the values that it holds are not actually dormant and stable. It actually tries to adjust to whatever is happening in a specific era and the circumstances that surround it. But it does not go on all-out change overnight, culture actually changes little by little and inch by inch until the people can only feel that it has already been altered to a different one is when they compare and contrast the happening decades before.

In terms of changing culture, it is always instigated and initiated by the people themselves either by trends, revolution, or subversion. Here are social trends that somehow change the cultural landscape of many cultures.

Social Media

The idea of social media goes way back before Facebook. There were a number of social media sites out there before, but now it exploded exponentially that almost all people on earth have one or two social media accounts. This may seem good at face value but in reality, the convergence of different cultures on the digital platform creates changes in other people’s culture because other people have been adapting and altering their lifestyle to fit a foreign culture, little by little perception and values changes because of this interaction with others.


Vaping along with other sub-cultural trends that saw a rise in popularity in recent years has made great changes in the culture where it settled in. Normally people would embrace certain sets of behaviors to be included in a social group, but vamping is a new trend all by itself because it set the standard of altering a vice into a more modern and healthier hobby and creates a sub-cultural group together along with it. With its rise in popularity, vape supplies have also seen a rise in sales and demand everywhere. Vaping created a micro-culture along with a larger society and created a value system within its own category as a hobby and a social group.


In the past young people has no interest in gyms, but today there seems to be a change in perception and interest because more young people today go to the gym and enroll themselves for membership. With the increase in gyms everywhere young people also took the initiative to live a healthier lifestyle by going to the gym and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle and a healthier one. Today’s generation is more conscious of their health more than ever.

Online Classes

One thing led to another; with the pandemic, every student is forced to embrace the idea of online classes. This method of teaching is unheard of before, but now it is considered to be one of the most effective in terms of the recent situation of the world today.

Everyone was forced to learn through new methods and adjust. The old method of teaching delivery is now seen as an ineffective way that must be cast out to make way for a new one. We will one day grow up in the future where little children are so adept at using technology to learn and have fun where most of their socialization will happen digitally.

All in all, these trends are actually doing a service by creating a more positive change in the culture.