Burglars are mostly opportunistic. They won’t spend a long time in one place searching for valuable things they could get since it would increase the chances of setting off an alarm. Because of this, they will most likely search and look for the most obvious places where you might hide valuables such as drawers, safes, and other apparent storage spaces.

Whether it is some extra cash you want to hide or some expensive pieces of jewelries, it is best to stash them in places where nobody would expect them to be. Keep your things extra safe by hiding them in these best spots.

False-Bottomed Drawer

While drawers are one of the most common places where we store our stuff, you could create a secret hiding place in it by making a false bottom. It is an easy project to create and doesn’t require many materials. You only need plywood and a few pieces of cork to create one.

Cut the plywood into the same dimensions as the drawer bottom and glue some corks on the corners of the board to support it. You can now stash some small valuables here such as cash, confidential documents, small jewelries, and many more. Be sure to keep that hidden compartment shallow so it looks natural.

Underground Safe

Underground safes or also known as floor safes are another best way to hide valuables at home. While it is common for burglars to search for a safe in your home, it would be hard for them to find a floor safe hidden underground.

You could integrate it in the concrete making it almost impossible to detach after it is installed. You could place a furniture piece or even a carpet over it to conceal it and make it unnoticeable to burglars. This kind of safe is tricky to access as well which is another factor to be considered before installing one. However, the extra protection it gives is definitely worth it.

False Air Vent

You might be thinking twice about putting things in your home’s air vent since it would disrupt the normal airflow. However, an air vent is one of the best hiding spots where you could store some valuables. With the short time burglars have, they are less likely to unscrew and check an air vent expecting to find some valuables in it.

You don’t need to use real air vents in your home for this. Just install some false air vents for the sole purpose of hiding valuables. Be sure that they look similar to the other air vents so they won’t stand out. You could then store a lot of small and light valuables in it and lock them in with a screw.

When storing valuables, it is important that you go to places that nobody expects. Also, don’t forget to keep your home safe by putting on some curtains and not leaving any windows open especially in a direction where a lot of people pass by. That way, nobody will have a clue how your home looks like inside and also where you usually keep your things.