Surrogacy can be a very fulfilling thing to do, whether for a close friend or family member or for a couple that you really enjoy the company of. Being a surrogate mother is when you allow the fertilized egg of a couple to be implanted within your uterus, allowing the baby to grow within you as you carry it to term. You are the vessel for the child because the couple may be infertile.

Surrogacy is no small feat and involves the surrogate mother going through all the trials and tribulations of carrying the baby to term. This means that hiring a surrogate can be fairly expensive. If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother yourself, or want to hire a surrogate mother, first have an idea about the surrogate cost involved in the process.

So, what are some of the reasons that you may want to become a surrogate mother? Surrogate mothers often report feelings of personal fulfillment. Being a surrogate is a very selfless act that serves not only the baby but also the couple who have requested your service. By going through this, you will not only build character, but you will also feel like your life has been enriched. This can be a very gratifying feeling and you will find yourself fulfilled and confident in your life choices.

You will also find that you make friends along the way. Surrogate mothers make friends for life with the couples that they choose to harbor the child for. Surrogate mothers often view these couples as a second family and vice versa. Simply because bringing a child into this world is such a difficult thing it’s natural to gravitate towards the people who you did it for.

Surrogate mothers are also extraordinarily well taken care of all the way up to term. This is because their prenatal and postnatal health is so incredibly important to ensure that the baby is well developed and free of defects or deformities by the time it is born. The surrogacy agency that the surrogate mother works for will assist in leading a healthy lifestyle. This can include coaching and being advised on nutrition, exercise etc. These habits can stick with the surrogate mother beyond childbirth and will help them become a healthier person in general.

Surrogates will also find they don’t get their periods anymore (while they are carrying the baby) and after childbirth, they find that their menstrual cramps become a lot less intense, this can mean a far better quality of life, less acne and fluctuating hormonal levels etc. Hormone levels often readjust in the body after childbirth and lead to a far more stable life afterwards.

The last item on this list but certainly not the least is that surrogate mothers are often rewarded very well financially. Pregnancy is highly stressful on the body and risky in general. So, it is only natural that the payment for being a surrogate mother is also quite high.