Smart beds are a great value addition to a small and cramped bedroom. It can instantly transform a cramped space into a multipurpose spacious room. A smart bed is a wall-mounted bed that can be pulled down when you want to sleep and tucked away into the wall and out of sight when not required. It is also known as a Murphy bed or a wall bed.

This style of bed has been around for some time but through the years, innovation and technology have come a long way in creating the modern folding bed Australia that you find today. Many aspects of the bed have been innovated and upgraded such as the safety features that ensure the bed is firmly secured to the wall, the versatility of styles available, and the improved functionality of the bed. These beds are used quite often in the small house movement where people convert trailers and containers into mini homes. They are a vital element in multifunction and transformative spaces. The upgraded safety features ensure that the beds are held in place even when the trailer or small home is moving.

Space Saving Function

This is the main reason for choosing a smart bed for your home. If you are living in a small condo or apartment, they serve a useful purpose in capitalizing on the existing small space available. You can even have this bed in a living room or a common area. Because it can be folded into a wall closed up with a cover such as a sliding cupboard door, you can hardly tell that the room contains a bed. You can use it as an emergency bed for a guest. Because it can be tucked away, your cleaning routine can also be considerably reduced as you will not need to allocate a guest room that will only be used on occasion.

High Quality of Design and Materials

Check with the supplier about the quality of the materials and hardware used. Different suppliers may use different brands so it is best to ask if there is a guarantee for the hardware and what their repair policy is. Because of the different types of beds available, you will be able to find something that is comfortable for you and fits your bedroom style as well. The finishes of the bed can vary from hard surface to upholstered base.

Safety and Ease of Use

While you may think that it can be a bit difficult to open and close the bed, you need to go to a store to check out how the mechanism works. Because of the innovative hardware that is available today, you will have smooth mechanisms that will not take a lot of effort to move the bed. There are also hydraulic and mechanical lift systems that can be incorporated into the design so that you only have to exert the slightest bit of pressure for the bed to come up or go down. You can check the speed of the process with the supplier as well in case of safety concerns.