We’ve been inside for quite a while now; sheltering ourselves from a crazy pandemic that’s raging on outside has basically made stepping outside something to be wary of. But things are beginning to look better, lockdowns are lifting, and if you really try like really, really try super hard, you can almost forget that there’s a deadly virus messing with every aspect of our lives. BUT doom and gloom aside, I’ve begun seeing more people outside, partying like there’s no tomorrow (highly irresponsible but I’m assuming the venues that allow people to be without masks have taken the necessary precautions) on social media. So, I convinced myself that there’s a slim chance that I’ll actually be able to enjoy the summer this year, and I came up with a list of why you should be going outside more often. This is more than a 500-word article, to be honest; it’s a deep, deep fantasy.

Now if you’re one of the lucky ones who get to go outside and have nice things, we have a recommendation on where to go next! If you’re planning a vacation with your loved ones, we recommend going to Harrietville accommodation cabins, they’ve got scenic vistas, blue skies, and all the space that you could ever ask for.

So why bother going outside, first and foremost, going outside, basking in nature, taking in the glory of the greenery, the soft blades of grass underfoot, the gentle breeze, and the warm sun kissing your face, keeps you from going absolutely insane. It’s just a fact. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find any scientific backing for that statement so I can’t keep talking about it (how terribly sad). We can however make the somewhat less striking but equally true statement that nature has a soothing effect on us. Let me explain. A study was conducted where 2 groups of patients underwent gall bladder surgery. (What a great start to this story right?) One group of patients was presented with a beautiful view of nature while the other group has nothing but a white wall to stare at.

It was found that the patients that were allowed to gawk at nature actually had higher pain tolerance than the other miserable group. I.e. – Nature helps you tolerate pain and the terrible misery of existence. The key takeaway from this story? If you’re stuck at home and have no excuse to go outside, consider adopting an indoor plant. They have numerous advantages over living beings in that they don’t poop everywhere, they aren’t clingy, they don’t have mood swings, and generally can survive on a quick spray of water every day. Yes, why have children when you can have plants, they help with depression, and you will be able to tolerate gall bladder surgery like an absolute boss.

Besides that, somewhat strange and wonderful discovery, Nature is also renowned for its calming properties. You will experience less anger, stress, and anxiety in general when you’re out and about. This might be because it’s such a welcome contrast to the drudgery of working from home so honestly, I’m not entirely certain, but hey when was the last time you got angry at the beach? Probably never, right? Unless it’s a beach full of people, which is pretty annoying.