Even though we have heard about DNA every day in our life. Even though you know what it means there is more to it than what you know. There maybe so many things in the world that we know what it means grossly but there can always be more to it. Even though we know what is DNA, there can be so much more about DNA that you need to know with world getting modernized day by day. There can be so many more information that keeps getting introduced to the world day by day. So many experiments are being carried out everyday to prove different things and by the end of every experiment we get to know something new about our own body.

Human bodies are great miracles and it takes so much of understanding to understand what actually happens in our body. DNA in our body can be the most important part in everyone of our body which controls everything in the body. DNA is a very small structure, which is composed of different types of nucleotides and other components.  Different people have different DNA and the DNA of each person is unique. It is also known as genetic material which can be transferred from generation to generation. This DNA is involving controlling all the functions of the human body.

These DNA’s can get damaged due to different factors like aging. With aging repairing of damaged DNA can be reduced to low amount of energy produced by the cells. .The most important source of energy in cells are nicotinamide mononucleotide. With aging this can reduce and cause problem with DNA repairing which can lead to different health related disorders. in such cases taking supplements like apigenin can be beneficial. You can buy these from apigenin supplement australia. this component can produce nicotinamide mononucleotide, which is needed for the production of energy. It is needed for the repair of DNA. When the DNA cannot be repaired these damaged DNA can cause different problems in the body and different health related problems which can get complicated and lead to death. 

 problems in DNA can cause different types of defects in human bodies. DNA are genetically predisposed and when it has some defects it can cause complications in new bonds were born to parents with such DNA material.  There can also be different external factors which can alter the DNA in the human body. These factors can be like radiation and exposure to different chemicals and usages of different drugs for a long term. The most important disease occurs due to changes in DNA can be cancer.  Cancers are the most common cause how from death hope younger population these days.

DNA’s most important component in which the protein synthesis depends on. Protein synthesis can be the process by which proteins are built according to the nucleotide order in DNA. then there is something wrong with the nucleotide order in the proteins made can be altered too. So the finally produced proteins can be different and sometimes it can cause different diseases or it can reduce the function of an organ due to improper protein structure.