If you have a friend or loved one with an upcoming birthday, you are probably thinking of ways on how to surprise them on their special day. Giving a gift is one of the classic ways but there are still other different things you could do to make their day extra special. If you’re looking for a great birthday surprise, here are some creative ideas you might want to try out.

Surprise Them with Flowers

Whether it is your wife, girlfriend, mom, or sister, one of the best things that could bring a smile to a special woman in your life is by surprising them with a bouquet of flowers. You could bring the bouquet by yourself to the recipient or surprise her with a fresh bouquet delivered straight to her doorstep. There are florists offering same day flower delivery so you can just order conveniently and have those beautiful blooms delivered to the celebrant. 

Send a Birthday Video

If you and the celebrant live far away from each other and it is difficult to schedule a birthday visit, you could still make your presence be felt on their special day by sending a birthday video. Record yourself singing a birthday song or giving a birthday message to the celebrant. You could also have other relatives and friends send a recording to you and create a birthday greeting compilation. This simple gesture can make the celebrant feel that you care and remember them on their special day even if you’re far from each other.

Plan a Surprise Party

If the celebrant is someone really close to you, planning a surprise birthday party is one of the best things you could do. Be sure to know when their free time is so you could set the right date and time of the surprise party. Also, see to it that it never gets leaked to the celebrant to avoid spoiling the surprise. You could throw a big surprise party and invite the celebrant’s relatives and friends or just a simple dinner party with a few people close to the heart.

Gift a Birthday Cake

Whether they are planning to have a big party or just celebrate the birthday in a private way, the day won’t be complete without a birthday cake. If you have a talent in baking, you could personally bake the celebrant a special birthday cake. On the other hand, you could also order a personalized cake and hand it to the celebrant personally or have it delivered on their doorstep.

Set a Day to Relax

For someone who is really busy every day, the gift of relaxation is one of the best things you could give. You could invite the celebrant on their special day and treat him or her to relaxing activities such as a massage, a trip to the beach, watching the sunset, or anything that they like.

Surprising someone on their birthday doesn’t need to be expensive. With effort and creativity, you could already make a special birthday surprise for your friend or loved one.