Have you just recently adopted a cat? Well, congratulations! You have added just the right addition for your family. These adorable feline friends make for wonderful friends and having them around means that you will never have a boring moment in your life. In order to keep these little beauties happy, healthy, and comfortable, here are a few things you must do right!

Grooming: Looking Royal

Cats are clean beings that rarely need baths. However, brushing their fun would do wonders for their coat. Not only does it reduce the amount of fur shed but it also makes for quite a relaxing experience for both the cat and the owner. Add in this spa treatment and your cat is sure to glam up in this bonding experience. It also enables good blood circulation within them.

Litter Box: Nature Calls

Litter boxes must be placed in a quiet yet easily accessible place for your indoor cats. Try not to move the box away from the usual spot but if you absolutely have to, then move it a few inches each time. Make sure to clean it often as cats, being the clean ones they are, don’t like using smelly ones. Avoid using deodorants or other scented items when cleaning the litter boxes.

Feeding: Trick and Treat

When it comes to feeding cats, meat should be the central part of their diet. Feeding them too much dry food and carbohydrates is inadvisable. Factors such as age and level of activity should be considered by visiting the pet store online in order to find out the correct details about your pet and its nutrition. Amino acid is needed for their eyes and heart health, therefore things such as fresh water and fish should be provided to them.

Scratching Post: Scrape Away

Cats like to scratch. You may have already noticed this if you or your poor sofa was a victim to its desires. To avoid this, get your cat a sturdy, strong, and slightly tall scratching post. This will allow your cat to scratch away to its heart’s content and give you peace of mind. It is better to have the Scratching Post made out of sturdy, strong material like wood. Make sure it is placed in a location that is eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Companionship: All the Attention

Remember that your feline friends are playful beings who crave your attention. From being spoilt to being played with, they require your companionship as much as you require theirs. They’re even more playful when they’re young! So don’t forget to keep that little ball of yarn and even perhaps a tiny ball for them to roll around with. You can even take them around with you outside as well in order to build a strong bond based on trust and comfort.

Cats are the loveliest, cutest, and furriest additions to your families. If you’ve already got a cat at home, let us know what your thoughts are on how to best take care of these feline friends.