Imagine a home without appliances. It is hard, isn’t it? Every home appliance has its purpose but only get ones that you may actually need such as air conditioner, air fryer, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, and washing machine. However, home appliances need proper care. They have to be maintained properly so they can last for a longer period of time.

Proper maintenance of your home appliances can boost efficiency and safety, reduce electricity bills, save money, and many more. Therefore, maintain your home appliances. Remember, it is your responsibility, not the manufacturer’s. If it is your first time to maintain your home appliances, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Clean the Dishwasher

Washing dishes is a daily activity at home. Which is why, doing it properly is what you want, for sure. If you are a busy person, invest in a reliable dishwasher. Using the dishwasher can help you save time as you can place all the utensils in one wash. Not only that, you can control the amount of electricity and water that need to be consumed. So, clean the dishwasher every few months. Clean the filter if it is not self-cleaning. To give it a nice smell, use lemon or vinegar.


Proper maintenance of your home appliances is important to keep them in tip-top condition. Just like vehicles, home appliances work best if they are taken care of. If your fridge stops working, make sure to contact expert Samsung fridge repairs, they repair all makes and models.

Take Care of your Stove

Stoves come in different shapes and sizes. Majority of stoves are electric, but gas stoves are becoming more popular these days. When you own a gas stove, it only requires low-maintenance, but if you own an electric gas stove, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly using a special cleaner.

Attend to your Washing Machine

If you have an older washing machine, leaks are quite common. It can be a problem if it is placed on the upper floor of your space. Do not stuff your washing machine with clothes as it makes it hard for the motor to work efficiently. In addition, avoid using more detergent, as it can harm your washing machine after a while. It will cause a build-up that can make your washing machine become faulty. Use vinegar with hot water to avoid calcium build-up.

Keep your Dryer Quiet

Keep your dryer quiet by placing its feet on anti-vibration pads that are made of rubber. In fact, you can do it on your washing machine, too.

Check the Air Conditioner

Clean the filters of your air conditioner. Remove dirt and dust that can pose a threat to your health and well-being. Do not forget to clean the whole room as well. Vacuum all the surfaces that can build up in your air conditioner.

Avoid DIY

Avoid fixing broken home appliances yourself especially bigger home appliances like air conditioner and washing machine.

Also, do not abuse your appliances as they are made with particular limitations.